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Brown Mountain Lights
Not only is Burke County home to many natural wonders, but also to the supernatural wonder of the Brown Mountain Lights. For years, these ghostly lights have been appearing at dusk, rising from the summit of the low-lying ridge of Brown Mountain. Reports of these mysterious lights date back in time as early as 1771. Early frontiersmen believed the lights were actually spirits of Cherokee and Catawba Indians who were killed in battle.

Though investigated by the United States government, no verifiable explanation has ever been found. The mystery of the lights remains unsolved to this day. You can still see the lights, especially on cold nights when there is a ring around the moon.

Favorite spots for gazing at the Brown Mountain Lights:

  1. NC Highway 181, about six miles below the Blue Ridge Parkway on the road to Morganton
  2. Wiseman’s View on NC Highway 105, just off the Parkway near Linville Falls
  3. Lost Cove Overlook on the Parkway not far from Grandfather Mountain